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Multi-Gyn / Summary of studies

Report on an exploratory study with ActiGel in women with vaginal discomfort. 

An In Vitro Study of the Effects of Self Care Gels on Desirable and Undesirable Vaginal Microbiota. 

Atrophic Vaginitis 

First Line Treatment and Relief of Bacterial Vaginosis-related Vaginal Complaints with Metronidazole and Multi-Gyn® ActiGel

Treatment and prevention of vaginal problems 

Multi-Gyn Gel in the Prevention and Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis; an evidence-based cytological evaluation.

A pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of Multi-Gyn Gel in the treatment of nonspecific vulvitis and vaginitis. 

Summary of studies of Multi-Gyn ActiGel 

Good vaginal hygiene and the importance of acidityas natural protection against infections. 

Tooth brushing and vaginal douching: tools in preventive medicine. 

Vaginal douching is not that bad. The importance of re-establishing the balance in vaginal flora by vaginal hygiene.

Multi-Gyn case studies 

Causes of recurrent vaginal candidosis 

Short Report of the Multi-Gyn FloraPlus Pilot Study

Relief and prevention of vaginal complaints in (post) menopausal women